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Brian Driggs

Way to go, Mr. Fishbone. It's not so much that we need maps, but a sense of direction. To thine own self be true. Only when we truly know where we are relative where we want to be are we fully empowered to realize our potential, right?

I stopped by a friend's shop yesterday to pick up my bolt bins (literally, two plastic bins full of nuts and bolts from disassembling several cars over the years - worth their weight in gold) and he mentioned he would like me to help him launch a sort of community outreach project.

Details are still sketch, but it looks like I might be spending one evening a week hanging out at the "race car factory" helping folks who want to learn more about cars, but maybe don't have automotive role models in their lives. I'm pretty excited. Nervous, but excited.

The best is yet to come...


Brian - Thanks as always for sharing your thoughts and participating. You are an inspiration to me - you're so good at keeping up with blogs! Cheers! - Brian

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