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Brian Driggs

It's taken me the better part of six months (working part time) to get a 90 day workshop 80% ready for beta testers. I can only imagine what goes into creating a year-long program. Wowsers.

Curious how you're approaching competency models, Amy. How do you determine which competencies should be developed by would-be leaders and could you share any thoughts on how your activities facilitate this development?

Initiatives like these require enormous amounts of time, but honing the process to deliver measurable results is time well spent. :)

Appreciate the intro, Mr. Fishbone!

Amy Dinning

Hi Brian. Thanks for the comments. My company has already determined competencies for the organization with different levels. We chose 5 of the competencies to focus on with this program based on the competencies that we are not as strong in as an organization. We are using action learning projects putting the participants in smaller teams working on real business problems. The action learning projects will help to develop initiative, risk-taking and teamwork. We have a specialized team building activity when the participants are together for the first time. We want to focus on innovation so we have an improv troup coming to lead us through some exercises to think out of the box and hope that they will use what they learn to impact their action learning projects. We also want to focus on change management so I have a change management activity to lead them through. Please let me know what other questions you have or how I can further clarify my comments.

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