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Brian Driggs

Cheers all around, Mr. Fishbone. *clink*

I came across a picture this morning on Google Plus. I'll email it to you here in a minute, but I wanted to leave a comment here as well. The picture was of two small boys standing barefoot in front of a large, red-painted wall in what appeared to be some hard-scrabble, sub-Saharan town. On the wall, someone had written the following:

"you all laugh because I am different, I laugh because you are all the same."

Made my day.

How am I becoming every day? By remembering the limitless potential of humanity. We are each of us products of our environments, and we are also the environment itself. It's like there's a social DNA, Brian. It's unique to everyone, but will my contribution to the environments of those around me make them stronger? Or will it be the first cells of a debilitating disease? The choice is mine.

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