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Brian Driggs

First thing I think?
If I don't end up moving to Canada, I think the PNW is in my future. I miss having more than two seasons and all the greenery.

I'm also reminded of how much I love ginormous, natural things like mountains, deserts and oceans. They remind me how truly small and insignificant we are on a planetary scale. We are no different than the ants beneath our feet.

Where does this picture make me want to travel?
Well, I'm already planning a trip to Toronto shortly after the first of year. 2012 should also see us visiting Portland, a weekend in Ohio, a weekend in Germany, and - if I'm really lucky - a week in Santiago, Chile. That's the plan, anyway.

How can I expand my world?
Just keep on keepin' on, my friend. I talk with my partner in the Netherlands multiple times every day, another partner in Canada a couple times a week, a couple mates down under maybe twice a month, and try to get in at least 12 hours a week of German radio.

The biggest downside to our rapidly shrinking digital planet is getting to know so many people around the world we may never meet face to face.

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