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Brian Driggs

Worth it.

* What is it about that leader that moves you? What are his or her characteristics? What do you like about him or her? Why?
+ I admire the way she advocates the connection of people and ideas. She is worldly, personable, and professional. She proves the business case for humanity.

* What does your choice of this leader as one that moves you say about you as a person?
+ That I seek the holy grail; the unification of all peoples around the world in peace, harmony, and tolerance. I see education as a stepping stone to understanding - connecting us to one another through the commonality of ideas - empowering us to live better lives through helping each other live better lives.

Ah, Utopia.

* Is there anything about him or her that you would change? If so, what would you change and why?
+ Not a thing, really. If I were to change anything about her, she would not be who she is today, which would be, in effect, a step closer to the echo chamber never more than two steps behind me.

Thanks, B.

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