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Brian Driggs

Kudos to you, sir. Be the changes you seek in the world.

* What was I put on this Earth to do?
In the last year+, I've come to believe I am here to connect people and ideas around the world; to show them how bringing the flint and steel of their ideas and experiences together creates the sparks which ignite their potential; to help gearheads build high performance machines & lives.

* How do I use those skills, talents, and gifts to help others?
I believe the things we have in common enable us to better understand - and benefit from - our differences. True success comes from helping others to succeed, but it's not enough to just help others help themselves; we need to help each other help each other.

* Besides at work...
Much of what I've been doing has been outside of work. It's only recently I've been fortunate enough to have it impact what I do for a living. Work-life balance has *nothing* on work-life parallel.

Surprised there weren't more comments to this one. Solid topic.



Brian - Thanks so much for your kind words and for sharing your story. I love your concept of work-life parallel - kudos to you, my friend! And I noted that this is the second time you have posted here - I appreciate your participation! Please do let me know if there is every anything I can do for you.

Brian Driggs

Anytime, Brian.

I was always one for work-life balance until I realized that puts them at odds with each other. This is a new concept for me, but one which I'm very excited to explore (and hopefully translate for others).

Which brings us back to this post. Purpose is meaning, and meaning is valuable. It's easy to keep doing things that are important - even if there is no pay involved. I think most people are already doing this on various levels. (Hobbies, anyone?)

In the title of this blog, "Becoming," I see potential for something far more valuable than mere achievement. It's like potential - realized. Truly a worthwhile aim.

I'm happy to comment. Don't get to comment as often as I used to (in general), but I'm always reading.



Brian - Thanks for sharing this concept with me and our fellow readers. You are extremely insightful, and I always appreciate your comments. Wishing you all the best!

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