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Brian Driggs

Sometimes, you read a post somewhere and POW! It just clicks. This is such a post.

1. My impossible hold up is debt. A mountain of shady, federally subsidized loan sharking regret that I will be paying on until I am 64, despite not really needing the degree it bought. Whatever. Such is life.

2. I try to reach out to people who are just like me, only in other parts of the world, in the hopes that our similarities will allow us to better understand our differences. So far, it's been phenomenal. A car guy, a little over a week ago, my wife and I found ourselves in Stuttgart, Germany, with a group of German gearheads. Fortunately, they spoke better English than we spoke German, but we were accepted as if family - our similarities reducing our differences to novel curiosities.

It's a feeling like none other. I hope I can communicate this feeling to others and inspire them to step outside their comfort zones in pursuit of their rightful places as international citizens.

Thanks for posing this. T'was a pleasant shot in the arm on an otherwise redundant Monday in corporate America.

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